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Man - it had been a long time since I had felt like someone took all the thoughts I wanted to acknowledge as my own and put them into the words I struggled to grasp but just could not find.

I am writing this one down.

It is expressed with such simplicity and sincerity that it is almost painful to acknowledge that the truth has been staring at me all along.

- I believe I feel the same way regarding love in that I will always love those I have loved and not think it odd - I have not closed myself off to it even though at times I have tried, I have realized that that is what I am like. However, I know that I have hurt others who had a real hard time with that mentality; the *I love everyone different, the love I have for so and so is completely different and taking away from them does not give you more* etc. I have had many a discussion about it, as for the most part even though you may treat someone as if they are unique and love them that way, it is possible to live in denial still behaving in many ways as if you are single, making all those decisions on your own, and although of course you do not mean to hurt the one you care for and in your mind you have made it so clear to them that they are the one you love and want to be with --- you end up hurting what you have.

- what I am wondering is - when you love someone, and you decide to share your life with them, and be with them, then I believe that you put their best interests and feelings above your own, asking them what they think and feel about your feelings, and accordingly, not acting on or verbalizing them if need be - out of love for the one you care for, because that is in essence what being with someone is, it is saying that their love and companionship is worth more to you than that of everyone else and your own personal desires - I believe the fact of the matter is that it must be that way in order for both to feel respected, trusted and secure. -

All that is left to do is pick myself up and try again.


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"love talk" is senseless!

if we would just stop trying to muddle It with our own thoughts and interpretations, the world would be a happier place.

its all been written before and the meaning and depth is explained in better words than any of us could ever come up with. 1 Cor. 13

5:33 AM

The world but be a lot less muddled and a happier place without room for interpretation... hmmmmmm.

How about the application of those wise, wonderful words? Isn't that what really makes a difference?

Or perhaps, learning from your attempts which resulted in mistakes? Could it be that that's what you meant the world should be spared from hearing about?


If reflection with the intent to learn is construed as "love talk", then what room is left for dicovery?

7:18 AM

If it takes years of reflection and discovery to arrive to the same conclusions that are in 1 Cor. 13 or in the Word... well yea, you could have used your time more wisely.
If you're staying as close to the Word as possible and trying to come up with practical applications (like the 1st cor. 13 parallel in that GN), now that is a dandy good use of your time! I think that in "love talk", as bob put it, the problem is that many times we want to say it in our own words based on our own experiences, when our words and experiences are limited and the real answers are arrived at when we study and apply the Word. Sure we make mistakes that we need to grow and learn from, but I guarantee that they are far less when we're full of the Lord's mind on the matter. (The law of love series tells you specifically how to handle lots of situations that arise in everyday living)

...and that is the conclusion I've arrived to, based on my experience of having had 1 too many pointless (yes they were stupid) conversations on love. :)

4:26 AM

I Love it. Thank you Luci.


6:25 AM

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA - I love it!! So perfect Luchi!

All I can say is - Amen to that!!! :) Heh!

11:19 AM

Hehe you guys are so supportive. MUAH

11:03 PM

i liked it Mig. fellow piscean rhetoric. i get the idea and can relate!

4:02 PM

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