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Mom was in town for the birth and it happened to coincide with Ez' b-day. We went out for tacos... one of those moments where things are as they should be, spent with the ones you care about.

But these two...

Well, you know how you sometimes forget to tell those you love all the little things you admire and adore about them thinking that tomorrow will be a more appropriate time to say what you feel?

Yup, I did it again.

Good thing they're not too far.

He had a Happy birthday, 21; and to think there was a time when I called him the little brother. heh.

and she... I miss that smile, the one that glows even through the tears. I love that lady. Will be crashing her place soon.

and this one...

well it doesn't matter what I'm doing.. if she's there, I am always smiling.

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Hey where is Genai? And did Ez leave the CTC? And how are you Mr. Joaqin?

1:16 PM

they are both gone... and Joaquin is tired, but happy.

This place misses you compadre, but I hope you are having a great time in your new place.

un abrazo

1:19 PM

man you guys look so alike it's scary :)

2:08 PM

Yeah ... and little Nemo adopted those Luna looks as well. Check out his nose.

Don't worry, Mig, he's still cute!! :P

10:28 PM

funny girls... heh.

the part to watch out for is the killer charm this ilttle guy is destined to have.

11:41 PM

we want Jamie back!!!!!
...it's just not fair

4:28 PM


Truth be told, I do want to go back - for a visit. :) And one of these days I will, somehow. Then I will see my beautiful MILFs again.

And Mig, don't get your hopes up too high, he is a Virgo after all. Heh.

11:01 PM

Miss u Jamie.. can't wait to see u again... I WANT YOU HERE :D

1:17 AM

everybody loves Jamie...
and there's something wrong with Virgo's?


I take that back.

10:40 AM

Genai looks beautiful...and so does Jamie. 2 gorgeous women. How do you control yourself, Migs? *smirk*

7:51 AM

I know! As for control... I don't! They control me! But I gladly surrender.


8:20 AM

same old migs...

3:18 PM

Should've seen that one coming. I love you too Paula.

9:40 PM

Paula, you know him too well - although that one was pretty inevitable. :)

11:50 PM


Why don't you guy come furlough up here?

Furlough my ass, it's a party!

4:53 AM

That's what I said!!
... and If you are extending an invitation, prepare to be held to it.

(please extend it)


10:33 AM

Hey Migs, he seems to be inviting Jamie and Genai... tee hee.

BTW, nice pics. You're looking all stylish. grrrarrr. ;)

12:44 PM

if such is the case, I'm inviting myself.
Stylish eh? Must be the age catching up with me, half way to 50 after all.

10:05 PM

Nice pics bro.

9:22 AM

Thanks Zero.

7:07 AM

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