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He's almost a week old and he's beautiful. 32 hours of labor (6 of pushing), I got home just in time to see the birth. I cried. To witness the miracle of a new life entering this world is simply overwhelming.

He's about an hour old here.

La vida es bella.

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whoa he's huge.
Congrats Suko on the new love of your life!!!

1:09 PM

Six. Hours. Of. Pushing!?!

(Bless her heart!)

11:35 AM

congrats suko... that's quite a lot... but glad their both doin okay.. and when with anjie for Kaden's delivery everyone also cried.. it's so kewl

2:20 PM

6 hours it was, she was just about to give up... the thing is the little guy decided to tilt his head forward and put his hand on his chin right before coming out... made things a bit more difficult.

But she made it! My respect for mothers has officially quadrutriplied. ( I know it's not a word, just seems fitting.)

11:31 PM

Oh look - there's NEMO!! I was wondering when I'd get to see a pic of him. Give Suko my love!!!

2:51 AM

He's adorable! Give your sister my congrats! 32 hours..what a trooper.

1:33 AM

Suko? Yasuko your sister had a baby? I didn't even know she was pregannt. I am so not in the loop.

I'm so happy for you her. It's about time we had another Luna in the world. You all make the world a better place. :)

2:23 AM

Go suko hiakiewa! He looks pretty aisian suke, maybe you realy are half Japanese.

1:22 PM

hey Cel, did you know Nemo means "no one, nobody" in Latin? poor guy.

Ambie: 32 friggin hours! definitely a trooper.

and Haven; time flies sometimes, and you are too kind to say something like that, and none of us would ever be what we have beceom without all of those who have showed us love and shared their life with us.. like you. xox

1:28 PM

Heh, yes Jas he does. Proud of our heritage.

1:39 PM

Hey, Nemo is a cute name - he's not a poor guy. We named him that when Suko was only 7 months PG, since I figured he woud probably look a bit like Nemo for the first while anyway, heh. But now the name has stuck and everyone including all of the kids are calling him Nemo. He needs a name! Any ideas?

1:49 PM

SUKO! Yup dont know you too well, but youre cutie pie is wearing my cutie pies ex onesie, so I had to comment! Hes quite the exotic looker! Whatcha gonna name him?

1:41 PM

Hey, I like Nemo!!! Besides, your sis is the one that endorsed the name. :P

7:33 PM

Kenji David, that's my choice.

A ver que pasa.

6:51 AM

We had a revelation last night:

Dante Antonio


11:50 PM

Well, it is finally decided - Kenji it is.

Although to many, he will always be Nemo.

6:17 AM

I know that this is VERY late but congrats Suko and best of wishes to you and your little one! It's a WONDERFUL thing!


10:42 AM

I think Nemo actually means 'nothing'.

Cel posted, ''oh look - there's Nemo ( nothing ) I was wondering when I'd get to see a pic of him ( nothing )''

12:11 PM

Jamie posted, ''it is finally decided, kenji it is''

''although to many, he will always be Nemo, *nothing*''

poor guy.

12:14 PM

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