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I tell you, when I read this so many things fell into place in my mind; there is nothing like distinctly seeing the truth in a matter. While talking to a friend this evening about life and it's occurrences, I realized just how much I am learning to love my soft spots.

Let Me leave a soft spot:
You naturally think that a complete victory would mean you feel nothing for them and that you have no reaction at all to anything having to do with them. Yet in reality, that may not be the most desirable form of victory. A longer-lasting victory may be one of overcoming and rising above the intense pain and struggle, and yet in the end retaining a "soft spot" of feelings that come up from time to time as a reminder of what you have been through and a reminder of your own weakness.

...The prayer of your heart should be that I will work however I see fit; that I will keep you soft, keep you connected, through whatever means I see fit.

—ML#3611, Jesus is Enough

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That quote does help so many things fall into place... I too am learning to find joy in my soft spots rather than letting them pull me down.

Harder than dealing with my own, sometimes, has been appreciating the soft spots experienced by those I want them to forget those feelings and experiences, to feel nothing for that other person (or people) anymore, but it doesn't always work that way.

The Lord does always know best. Thanks for that post. It was a nice reminder.

9:02 AM

thanks Joy,

it's encouraging to hear someone else found comfort and meaning in that.

un abrazo muy fuerte

2:55 AM

Thanks so much for that post Migs, it really encourged me as I'm also learning to love my soft spots though as u know they ca be very painful...but the Lord knows and He's using them to make me a better tool TYJ!
Love you LOTS! I really like your blog OXOXOX--Consuelo

7:34 AM

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