The present situation in the Middle East has taken much of my thought these last couple of weeks; so much so that I go to bed praying for those who on both sides of the conflict are becoming the innocent victims of man's pride, greed and lack of love. I feel that the acquiescence of the powers that be of the gross disrespect for human life that we are seeing can only be interpreted as the repudiation of all that is humane, and if allowed to continue will only mark the beginning of the death of a very big part of our collective human conscience; there is simply no justification.

Outrage, disbelief and sadness are only few of the feeling that fill me when I see and hear the recent developments. It is unbelievable to what depths man will sink when there is an absence of God's love in his heart.

I pray for peace and weep for those whose only idea of love for God is that of putting and end to another being's life. Until the Prince of peace returns, I for one will continue to stand against this disease of hardness of heart and numbness of soul; if only others would awaken from the false sense of reality that surrounds them and realize than when one of us suffers, we all suffer.

Here is a little history lesson for those of you who may not be familiar with the middle east.

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