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Got this mascara back when the Emma and Angie were visiting - gonna make my own film. " WHACKY (sounds like Joaqui) LIBRE!" I need a side kick.

Anyway, got to thinking that my Super Hero character needs some pizzaz and I was inspired by the STRONGBAD look. What do you think Luci?

Emails I can do; but the song writing, I think I lack his creativity on that one... dangit.

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It's was meant to be
I'm not kidding, it's like it was meant to be

I'm not kidding
No, I'm not kidding
I've never been more serious in my life
My life with you

I'm not kidding
I'm seriously not kidding
I'll never stop joking
Oh wait, I mean I will stop joking
Because I'm serious
It's like it was meant to be!!!!

4:18 PM

You have so got to give me that audio file. I wanted to add it to my last post.


10:27 PM

Hey you, who are you, and what have you done to Migs? ;) Got a new blog up.

9:32 AM

you you masked stud! send me your address for to make the strongbadiness happen!

11:10 AM

In answer to your question, I was in Co. for the rainbow gathering

8:59 AM

Thank God my mask is even cooler than yours.

11:46 AM

"Do you use your powers for good, or do you use them for AWESOMNESS because I am the most evil mastermind on the planet."

... or something.

11:51 AM

for GOOD AWSOMENESS! Waht is more so, most evil mastermind of all; you have met your nemesis! I will be the snake to your mongoose! Wait, is it the other way round?? I'm not too good with animals... ;)

3:30 AM

no you're right, although you make absolutely NO sense, you'd be the snake. heheee.

10:27 AM

You saying that I am not the predator... but rather they prey? :)

That might make sense.

10:55 AM

No well, not really either. But right I am saying that you are totally failing at being my wittle Mig for not sending some of your gracious words to my sad sad little post.


5:37 AM

Awwww, you failed her! Bad bad Mig. Naughty boy.

4:59 AM

it's ok, another has taken your crown.


8:06 AM
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
10:32 AM

Am I that easily replaced?? I thought there has to be three strikes?


10:33 AM

Hey! No deleting of comments!

10:52 AM

oooh what was the comment?! tell tell!! no, no one can replace you Mig, I do appreciate hearing what you have to say and I always will. Just this time you were slow on the draw and someone stole your chance for thunder, but you of course made up for it :)

So what strike are we on? I forget now.

2:50 PM

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