letting go  

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Thought you did not have to, did not want to; but you let it go.

Take back that which was given but not meant to be received.

You breathe.

Whether you form the distance or the distance forms you; peace will be found only in trust.

You accept.

I will not take away, you must choose to give: He says.

Be happy - the words that will not stop echoing.

You smile.

It is that simple.

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where was that taken from? I like it... thought I don't get what thef... it means...xoxo

6:51 PM

I will NOT quit the coffee. no sir.

9:10 AM

I'm lost
But it sounds beautiful

11:50 AM

It was a note of acceptance to myself, and when that happens it is usually in a jumble.

6:23 AM

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