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I trust you all had a wonderful Children's Day. I did! Was on TV and the hostess was hitting on me! The really good part though was whent I got to dres her up like a lady bug! Oh yeah... she was into it... crazy chick.

Highlight of this week was camping out on the lawn of a friend's new house... feels good to be out of the "city" and be woken up by birds at 6 am.

Since my hair is growing out I decided to comb it today and look like a mini microphone.. hooray! It's all nice and poofy, or is it puffy? I always get confused.. Isn't "puffy" for things like cotton and clouds and" poofy" for occassionally smelly things and hairy mammoths like Manny? If so... I am talking about poofy like Manny minus the smell. I am beginning to once again give credit to my childhood nickname "scrubby", hey at least I helped Angelito learn a new word "pelo". He comes up every 5 minutes and wants to touch it. hehe

My dear sister Suko turned 22 Saturday... Felicidades! I feel old now.

I forgot Luci's B-day. (florecita rokera) I tihnk she didn't want me to know about it.. she is into being the quiet observer you know the ever present but unnoticed type.. hehe .. yeah right.

What I am trying to say is .. I'M SORRY LAURA! I am sure you had a great time and I will try to remember next time, that is of course if you let me know.

I am seriosuly thinking of putting myself up for adoption. All applicants please be aware that occassional cuddling is a must... I know, I know... I'm helpless.

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Thanks for the happy birthday and I'm glad you celebrated it by hitting on a ladybug. ;) You failed to mention what you were doing on TV.
I didn't remind anyone of my special day, but amazingly enough people seemed to remember on their own. Shame on me, I never can!

1:49 AM

Once you get past the, yes poofy, stage, your hair is sure to return to it's glorious Kenny G state!

4:17 AM

I guess I will share your shame then... sigh.

5:33 AM

aw, it's fine. better late then never

1:20 AM

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