While speaking with a friend yesterday I came to the conclusion that my concept or thoughts by which to define or interepret a marriage may be far from what they should. Soooooo... I have a simple question for my blog today. For those of you who are married this may be easier, and for those of you fellow pisceans, perhaps not as much. However, I am very interested in learning how you perceive it so a little help please...?

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The silence is deafening!

6:44 AM

I know.. I thought I was lost. Yet it seems I am only lost in the crowd.

12:29 PM

When you can't see the forest cuz there're too many trees. When you can't find the needles cuz the hay makes you sneeze... ummmm, ok yeah I think I just lost my point.

What do you need marriage counseling for anyhow!? ;)

2:13 PM

That's exactly what I was going to ask. Who is the lucky gal? :)

3:37 AM

There is only one girl in my life, Im jsut tired of getting it wrong, thats all.

2:41 PM

Maybe if you give us your definition it would be easier to pick apart. As for me, I have no clue what it's all about, but maybe that's where the charm lies. No expectations, no disappointments.

10:14 AM

I heard the cutest piece of astrology the other day. Someone said, “My husband is such a Pisces; just like a little fish he’s always moving around. From one moment to the next he’ll disappear and appear 10 feet away.”

10:17 AM


11:44 AM

I'm sorry, what was the question again?

7:49 AM

The question Kristina is... how would you define "marriage"... not what you have read in a book, or what one might conclude from extensive self analysis... rather what does your heart tell you that a marriage should be. I think that about sums it up.

12:37 PM

jeez, this is way over my head. I think everyone knows what a marriage SHOULD be and mean, whether or not there are many who actually end up attaining that "ideal marriage" is another question. Maybe no one (or just me) really understands your question or your explanation of what the question is for that matter. Try using little words or some linkage to :D

5:18 AM

I ONLY use little words!

5:18 AM

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