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" And now abides faith, hope, love; these three but the greatest of these is love."

Something has happened of late that is almost beyond words. It is the answer to my prayers, the fulfillment of a wish that I had only had the faith to dream of. A hope that went far beyond anything I myself could have ever brought about has come to life, and lastly, a manifestation of love that has reached beyond limitations has bridged the hearts of many.

Those of you how know me well enough are aware of the fact that for over 20 years my mother has been single. Her love has upheld us, her children, through many difficult situations. Over the years she has endured numerous hardships and adverse circumstances out of that love for us. The last seven years of her life have not been easy with the birth of my youngest brother Angel and the change in her lifestyle that it brought about. Taking care of little Angel is by no means an easy job, two days with the little man exhaust even me, yet she goes on day after day caring for, looking after and giving love to that special child. The task is quite demanding physically and emotionally for a small woman in her late forties. It was hard for me to move away and trust that she would be o.k. on her own.

However, a couple of days ago I received a letter that made me the happiest I have been in a very long time, so much so that it brought tears to my eyes. It left me with nothing else but a feeling of peace and gratitude, thankfulness to God for bringing someone with as tender and sincere a heart as into the life of my mother.

It came from a wonderful man who through his example of love, selflessness and commitment has reminded meof just thow much I have to learn and renewed the desire in me to be a better man.

I have welcomed him with open arms in to my family and feel privileged to have someone as remarkable as he share his life with my mother.

It amazes me how God has brought the lives of these two wonderful people together… they have many things in common, they’ve both had their share of life experience and in spite of some of its blows have managed to retain that sense of what true love really is…that of giving without expecting anything in return, truly seeking the happiness of others above their own and finding joy in doing so. Letting go of those they held dear and yet having the courage, strength and faith to overcome the fear and love once again.

I love you both and hold you close to my heart.

Felicidades! None are more deserving to be happy!

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It's too amazing! Congratulations to your mom! She deserves it for sure!

4:07 PM

awwww! That's GREAT Miggs!!

1:22 AM

I have to say, she looks so happy. You see them together at parties cuddling and whispering in the corner, her big bright eyes are brighter when she tells me the news...
I wish them the best. Nobody deserves happiness like your mom does.

1:39 AM

Ooooooo, I´m so happy for her!!! She deserves it. he´s a super nice guy.

8:44 AM

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