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No, I am not getting married! But I have decided that I will begin to tackle the task of learning to enjoy some of the things that I had written off as "not fun". Fine... they're called fears. So the first one will be... rollerblading! Don't laugh now! I'm serious! Next on the list is riding a horse. It's not that I can't do it, just, you know... losing the fear so I can actually enjoy it. I know this wonderful girl who is master of the blades and after watching her I had resigned myself to being eternally inferior since I had long ago thrown the towel in when it came to placing my feet on wheels since it seemed the only cool tricks I could do involved helplessly careening full speed down hills and then they all seemed to share the same abrupt ending... me plastered agains stone walls, phone booths and light poles. But no more! "Brother bullet" has taken a leave of absence for a month to France with his family and has rendered me the honor of entrusting me his highly treasured racing rollerblades. In return of this kind gesture I have vowed to at least gear up a couple of times while he's gone ( knee pads, gloves and all) and hopefully after falling enough times either finally catch on or at least lose the fear. Wish me luck!

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Cheers and good luck
Don't die on us
We'd miss you if you did

3:54 PM

lol... good luck! After you conquer the fear of falling.. roller blading can be a blast! Pictures?

11:00 PM

ooooh, you're gonna have to take some "kodak moments" of that one!

3:25 AM

Phootos! HA! A ver si me atrevo. We shall see...

12:33 PM


12:15 AM

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