The mind of a child  


You know what? I have realized that I have a tendency to get carried away in drama so today I want to tell you about something on a different subject matter altogether…

…the unique children I have the pleasure to live with and occasionally look after. Allow me to introduce to you this outstanding brood; there is Samuel, (The 7 year old intellectual, rational philosopher) Isaac, (the 4 year old cynic, with a mind so far beyond his years and the lack of better judgment to carry out his senseless schemes that it’s sometimes scary) Angelito, ( The terrible two’s insomniac chunky drooler who insists on speaking in Spanish and giving me head butts 24/7) and little Sebastian (he is only 2 months old, yet even now I wonder what his contribution will be to this motley crew).

We have wonderful times together and have grown close over the last year. It amazes me just how capable children are of being absolute individuals and just basically “little big people”, giants of intellect trapped in tiny bodies.

So the other day upon arriving at the park for our daily episode of knightly adventures and fabulas de extraterrestres, our eyes fell upon the picture of a poor Pug puppy; it was a sign for a lost dog written in first person form. “ Hi, my name is Goliath (the irony in a name like that) and I miss my home. I like to do such and such and eat this and that etc… etc.”
After having read it I noticed the two older boys brooding and lost in deep thought, until Isaac breaks the silence expressing in his most serious and pensive tone… “ I don’t think it’s true… cause, if he was smart enough to write this, how would he have gotten lost?” to which the philosopher immediately pipes up in his “eureka” tone , “NO! You see he really IS intelligent, or else he wouldn’t have gotten away! He escaped from his owners and doesn’t want to go back or be found. So, the owners have to make it SOUND like he wants to go back so that if somebody actually finds him they will MAKE him go back!”.. I’m still standing there hoping that one of then will just say “poor puppy” but no, Isaac takes on that far away look again and comes back with, “ Yes , they probably beat him… I think they had him tied up and…. “ this is where I pull them both along and try to divert their attention from expounding in graphic detail their proposed tale of this poor dogs woes with something as frivolous as “Oh look at that bird!” Dios mio. The mind of a child.

Turns out it was the wrong thing to distract them with as upon closer inspection the bird only had one wing and that set off an entire new episode of “deep thoughts”. But that is a whole different story that I will save for another day.

All that to say, there is never a dull moment with this bunch and I love the fact that they never cease to surprise me with the inner thought of their psyche. It’s true, you really do learn a lot from children, although, that whole episode might have gone over my head.

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LOL! That's pretty funny. Those boys, gosh they must be huge! I can't even imagine Angelito talking or being able to understand Isaac, who could talk! :) DO they still have their lisps??

5:14 PM

more trauma in the animal kingdom. WILL IT NEVER END!?!?!?

2:16 AM

btw, the red font is a bit difficult.

2:16 AM

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