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"Mig... you have a call."



- When are you coming home?

It was nice to see you today little man!

- You can stay in our room...

I will try to visit soon, send my love to mom and the little man ok?

- Can I call sometimes just to say good night?...

Claro que si.


Feels good to be loved.

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How precious.

Times like these you have to wonder how there could be people who don't have room in their heart for children. They have no idea what they are missing!

I'm just not sure there is any love quite as pure as a child's love.

4:28 AM

que hermosoooo!!!

4:34 AM

Yeah, Mig, can I call sometimes just to say goodnight too?

3:17 PM
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3:51 PM

Uhmm... yes please.

Absolutely Kristy!

Miss you guys; really, I do.

3:52 PM

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