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Yesterday's post title: " to sleep with open eyes/eyes wide open".

Some days, weeks, sometimes even months can feel that way. It happened to me not too long ago. Some people never do figure out when they're awake, they never think they will be able to... others live dreaming of the day they will awaken while others still don't believe in dreams altogether.

Which are you?

Are you dreaming or sleeping awake?

and then there are...

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Dreaming of Zion awake.

5:20 AM

Dreaming awake would have to be my choice as well... but I dream about all kinds of other things.


12:43 AM

I still don't see how this post was to me...Oh well, I've recently been awaken and there's no going back to sleep.


11:31 AM
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11:27 PM

Dear A.
"To dream the impossible dream...to love pure and chaste from afar, to try when your arms are too weary..."

I always loved that song.

Of course, you'd have to be crazy to do that but if you have a dose of what that guy was on, you should be fine... I wonder if doing so would qualify as taking a sleeping pill?

In any case, I don't wannna come back down from this cloud.

11:34 PM

I envy you that cloud!!

6:53 AM

Sorry for the anonymous

6:53 AM

OK, now I'm really sorry.

6:55 AM

Centered! I have identified you! The fierce wowan...


Never thought I'd catch you in here. ;)

un abrazo

3:05 PM

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