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What in the world...

9:28 AM

You are so crazy.

9:51 AM

I know at least one of you understands what this means...

1:27 PM

And then ppl say french is weir and difficult to read...

6:29 AM

You have got the perfect name for your blog. It totally suits you.

2:22 PM

I've tried deciphering this using an on line Yucatec Mayan to English dictionary. A few of the words aren't listed(maybe a different dialect). Those being K'aojoleche and wojel. Assuming that those are one word each, although I also tried breaking them up, to no avail. Damn you! I hate not being able to figure this one out.

9:03 AM

I salute you and since you have an inquisitive mind and the resolve to seek and discover, I will give you a clue.


good luck...

12:39 PM

Thanks for the clue!.....Very profound.

2:29 PM

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