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The Mayan language has once again gripped me, would you believe that I even attempetd to learn it at some point? In any case, I've had the dictionaries for quite some time now and have recently decided to give them a look ... fascinating language.

For those of you who may not know... "beuribe" means "moonshine" or the "moon's glow" in Mayan... that one stuck with me years ago... but you will discover that I am beginning to incorporate a lot more of the Mayan culture's phrases and thoughts in my every day language...

For example; I have decided that I will no longer simply say "I love you" to those I care for, not that the phrase "I love you" is in itself incomplete or inadequate... but perhaps I am just tired of feeling frustrated that people I express this to don't seem to understand what I am trying to convey and often opt for interpreting those beautiful three words as whatever current cliche or predetermined ideology comes to mind or suits their fancy .

I will now say to you special people; inlakesh.

I will have to explain what that means some other time but all that to say that
if you see odd words in here from time to time, fear not, I haven't gone crazy...

Táak in wenel-- (I'm sleepy)

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11:02 AM

I love it ...

1:35 PM

gimme some moonshine!! a moonshine infused watermellon! I still have to make that Jolly Rancher Vodka... that's gonna be my weekend project! yay what fun!

2:48 PM

Moonshine infused watermellon.


That one is trippy. I think it went right over my head.

You see, I am trying to find the metaphor in it and it is complex casue the moonshine would be me... a watermelon infused of me. Hmm? Now what does that leave as the watermelon?

Tricky stuff...

Or, I can settle for the jolly rancher dissolving at the bottom of the vodka bottle approach, but that gets even trippier cause that is artificial sweetnes dissolving into concentrated elements... resulting in something easier to swallow but nontheless intoxicating.

Waaaaayyyyy over my head.


10:08 AM

why "gulp?"

2:40 PM comment

3:27 PM

someone pleading the 5th?



2:11 AM

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