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I finally got my hands on a scanner.

This could be either good or bad, but nonetheless fun… and will no doubt be highly entertaining - all of those 10 year old pictures are coming up.

Found myself going through the letters, cards and photographs of times past. It reminded me of a good many things - they say a good deal of a mans worth can be valued by the friendships he either holds or has made. Whether those friendships are of a sincere, valuable and caring nature is a completely different story and obviously quite subjective.

I guess for me, it has always been easy to form friendships but very difficult to need people back - I wonder if thats weird.

Regardless - welcome to the scanning era of my blog: to kick it off I will now present you with a picture that goes back a bit beyond 10 years - guess who the little squinty kid at the bottom is.

Yours truly.

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Awww! Classic!

3:41 PM

your mom is amazing. It is only after you start having kids that you truely respect all teh work that our parents did.

3:29 PM

So that's why you didn't bring the scanner back...
Can you scan some for me too? :D

11:21 AM

Our parents truly are incredible. I would be happy to scan some for you Cel, I was thinking of scanning body parts though, kind of like self portraits... ever done that??

Might be fun!


12:21 PM
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11:19 AM

You worried me with the body parts there...I think you might have to get yourself a "personal" scanner for that. - Sorry! - Taking it back myself. heh

12:16 AM

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