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never ever again...

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You are SO mean and SO dead.


But I still love you ...

1:12 PM

Death cometh unexpectedly...

As long as you still love me, I will die but a thousand deaths with a smile on my face.

- Death where is thy sting? -


12:57 AM

wow...someone's smitten here :P

1:04 AM

I'm crazy about love...

you know that.


2:54 PM

aaaw so sweet...after 8 years finally an apology! ;)
...just giving you a hard time, for old times sake!

4:06 PM


Paula, you know that one apology just wouldn't be enough for that story, however that is one gesture that I would like to deliver up close and personal...


2:18 AM

If it's any consolation, I forgive you too.


1:44 PM

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