yet a little while  

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- a soon coming end to the winter of wonderland, for in more ways than one has Narnia been my abode.

- a haze at first, I now see that with time the colors of the sky are once again bleeding into each other - somewhere in the stillness I sense the inaudible voice of light whisper:

- yet a little while -

no longer broken, for the fragments that once were have been smashed to smithereens - no longer splinters of the frame that held my illusions, for they too have risen in flames - the fire of acceptance.

- and all these which I feared to be remnants and shadows forever to haunt have instead returned from whence they came and do now exist as invisible entities whose pulsating presence breathe life to this ever changing heart.

- though once I waited, there is no longer reason to prolong or delay, for all this is indeed nothing more than the beginning of that which is to be.

- that which is now, that which has been, and that which I will choose.

- Can love and time coexist or are they destined to be forever at odds?

- Is love not subject to time or is time which is indifferent to love?

- no matter -

- I say one cannot have one without the other, more so, that the acceptance of the limitations which time does represent in this mortal realm and the realization that these be but for a season, is once again nothing more than the first step to beginning a journey of discovery.

- love in this life.

- to seek out or let myself be found by that which is destined to live on forever, is a journey I intend not to miss.

- elude? what for? -

- I shall enjoy every step of the way.

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That was awsome, where did you get it?

1:57 PM

the echo of reply to a long lasting conflict between my heart and mind...

when moved I occasionally ramble...

4:25 PM

I'll give you this much Mig, you've always been the king of heart wrenching essays. That's how you won my heart, though we all know I'm just a pussy, and no doubt will be your lifelong secret weapon. I need one of those.

2:15 PM

so you liked it?

or was it too evasive...?


12:52 AM

naked yet covered
"I'm showing all" .... without giving all
the easy way out? Noooo...I'd say a harder life to live
You are a gem Mig

1:06 AM

so very kind of you anoymous!


I feel as if we all learn, one way or another, that when in search of something genuine, it is rarely found down the path of least resistance.

3:02 PM

congratulations on finding something genuine.

7:00 AM

my biggest peeve is when people talk sounding as if they have a wealth of first hand experience behind them.

7:02 AM

I will have to agree with you dear peeve sharer... experience is one of those few things we can never afford to not get enough of, and I acknowledge experience holds a unique story for everyone.

However, I wouldn't assume to interpret someone sharing their personal experience as an invitation to bask in their sunshine.


Personally, I don't think I'll ever have enough first hand experience behind me, for which I am thankful.

Lo unico que he aprendido es que no se nada.


1:44 PM

Where is this from Migs? Did you write this? Beautiful. :)

3:51 PM

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