it so happens that ...  

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... and that is all I have to say about that.

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that's so cute...

3:46 AM


12:59 AM

I'm glad you haven't kicked any shins yet! ;) xxx

12:21 PM

If it weren't for my broken toes ---


7:21 AM

hahahaha i gave that to migui... that was from me... haahaha! oh mig... that was the day! I LOVE YOU!! xoxoxox that was like 7 years ago... wow!

1:57 PM

i know u havent been on my blog at all... i have some new poems and buncha pictures! check it out hun! xoxox

1:59 PM

hahah! That's a good one!

5:46 AM

That you did Madi, still have those cards, was just scanning them the other day... adorable I say.

12:22 PM

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