last couple of days  


She is here.
You beautiful you, little sister. Faithful puzzle buddy; charming, smart, no no-nonsense, self acclaimed clumsy individual... I couldn't have asked for a better family and Angie you are no exception to the fantastic bunch, gonna miss you little one.

I wasn't here for the Christmas meal as I had to make a lightning trip to the border and back, but they saved me tamales... so much love.

Whenever these two get together they bring out a side in each other that is rarely seen, lovng it... they have me smiling all day.

And this last picture. What can I say other then I blame them and their antics for this silly grin and that is what a really happy face looks like on me. :)

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12:32 PM

Freaking adorable!

3:40 PM

She is gone now, sniff... but I got some more pics and will post them soon, and who is the adorable one?

ME right???


4:38 AM

man I hope that's the side of ez that's rarely seen! heh. You guys are so tight and happy when together, it's nice to be around. xoxo

7:18 AM

man, ez and angie are freakin ardorable in that one pic! they are so big! and good looking!!! tell them i love them!! xoxox and yasuko too! and mama too... and even little lisa that drove me crazy! hahaha

2:01 PM

Yes. You. Of Course.


5:51 PM

Thanks Loxy!

Made my day!


12:24 PM

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