Arriba las Chivas!!!  


Well I've just returned from the Chivas vs. Boca Juniors game (Octavos de Final, partido de ida) a couple of minutes ago... Boca was spanked!!! 4-0!!! I know that means litlle or hardly anything to most of you. But those of you who know what I am talking about, it was a rush! I have video clips and photos, but being that I must be up at 6am tomorrow to drive our happy young folks over to some meetings (7 hours of driving) they will have to wait till my return. Unlees you have been in a jam packed soccer stadium on a pleasant breezy night where the home team just happened to spank the South American champion soccer team, then you have most likey not screamed till you lost your voice and joined over 50 thousand people jumping up and down, taking off their clothes, and dancing all at the same time so much so that you felt the edifice shake to its foundations... so if you haven't... then you have no idea what I'm talking about. Unforgettable. The women in Guadalajara are so fine too! And since our good friend Carlos hooked us up with some tickets... it won't be the last time we'll be doing that! Yeay!

River Plate may be next... won't that be a treat... I'll be sending Tommy and Carlos de la Concepcion some photos of that one! Muuuahaha!!

I am wiped, need sleep, peace, out.

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wooooohooooo! Awesome, awesome! Though I wouldn't say I know how that feels I do have a pretty good idea of how you are feeling right about now, crazy football fan that you are! See? Life is good and you know it!

3:10 PM

Now see, an awesome event just wouldn't be injoyed to the full by Miggs, without the presence of fine women! =)

12:26 AM

Boca and River fans always gloat when the other team looses.
But River lost last night, and so did Boca (apparently) so all is well in the world.

1:16 AM

Wait.. River tied with some no-name team.
Dammit I know nothing about soccer.

1:27 AM

just thought I'd mention the defending (well not really anymore)south american champions aren't Boca it's Once Caldas!!! well they got their ass kicked in mexico too sigh..

4:23 AM

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