Please pray for this little man  


He is an Angel.

He arrived in this world and became a part of our family at a time when we most needed it, he brought to life the gift of life and has taught us the true meaning of love, care and trust.

The left side of his heart is growing and the patch that was placed during his open heart surgery a couple of years ago is not doing well. It seems he had a heart attack a few days ago, since his speech is limited he just curled up and cried. My mother being the strong woman she is, is doing well through this but for all of you out there who believe in prayer, it would be much appreciated. I would also like to thank Jim and Liza for the help and support they have been through this time. You guys are the best.

Love the ones you've got people, and leave nothing unsaid for tomorrow.

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ohhhhhhhh little buddy! he's the sweetest thing in the world!! Un Angelito. Did I ever tell you that someday I would like to work with DS kids?

Prayin' for him. Hold on little guy.

4:11 PM

Prayin 4 him!!!

6:07 PM

Reading this makes me admire your mother so much! Praying for him through the POTK!
"I made you and I can fix you through the power of the keys!"

12:36 AM

Miggs, my thoughts and soul are with you and your family!! I can't express it strong enough.

1:04 AM


All of you.

It means a lot.

4:13 AM

Well yes it is official, he did have a minor heart attack and will most likley need surgery again. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

3:58 PM

Oh that is sooo sad. The thought of being young with the inability to communicate what you are feeling is just heartbreaking. I wish you and your family the best. My thoughts are with you...

11:13 AM

Praying for Him desperately!

2:09 PM

Every ounce of mommy in me aches to hear of a sweet little kid in distress. He will be in my thoughts and prayers. Kisses to him.

2:28 PM

We are praying for little Angel and miss you guys--

Thanks for the page--


11:14 AM


Keep us posted, pls. We love him and pray for him and all of you, remember the Lord loves him even more than you do. . .

In the POTK,


5:29 PM

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