Here's to independence and numbing stings...  


Today I stumbled on the thought that one of the many subconscious contradictions about me is that of falling in love with women who are independent.

It’s true.

Since I was a sweet undefiled innocent child, (I still am) it has been that fascination for the flame of a kindred free spirit that attracts me yet in the end also determines my fate. Well, at least I get to die happy! :)

I feel like a bug that is drawn to those electrifying light tubes only to be jolted and electrified on to the next life.

“Oh death!! Where is thy sting??”


Speaking of stings, it amazing what you can come up with when you are trying to numb something, to ease the sting… funny things do happen.

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What troubles have you gotten into while trying to ease the sting? Tell tell!

1:45 AM

Just do you define "independent"? Please elaborate. We want to know!

1:33 PM

Independent is often hidden beneath the disguise of indecisive.

2:37 PM

I swear it's not me!!

3:06 AM

Independent is often hidden beneath the disguise of indecisive.


8:09 AM
Anonymous're attracted to girls who can't make up their minds? That's cool. I guess that explains a few things. LY Migs.

1:17 PM

Well... they CAN make up their minds.

They just don't WANT to.

Or so I choose to tell myself and they to deny.

Either way, I almos t wish they weren't the charmers they are.

4:28 PM

that seems like a contradiction. if anything independance is being DECISIVE!

3:04 AM

I would have to agree there..

10:57 PM

Yup, I agree with Emma too. But I think what Migs is trying to say is that he's attracted to girls who are indecisive when it comes to guys. I guess that is a form of independance...?

10:32 AM

May I be so bold as to suggest that those may be the best kind of women for gemini men. Beat them at their own game, if you catch my drift.

10:52 AM
another anonymous  

Independence often means indecision?

While I agree that many time women don’t even know what the $@•#& they want, I disagree with that statement

11:03 AM

There are women who like to appear undecisive, or in need of a mans help...but are actually very independent. Being indecisive has nothing to do with their independent nature.

12:52 PM
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3:51 PM

Oh my... some opinionated ladies out there… that’s nice. Well if you know what you want and are decisive about it... then, that is one thing. But if you use your "free spirit" , "abnormality" or sadly often coined as just " independence" as an alibi for indecisiveness... than that is completely different... What a can of worms.

10:31 PM

Well maybe "free spiritedness" can appear "indecisive" due to their hesitance to be held down in this big world that consists of so many options. The freedom to make one's own choices can so easily be overwhelming.

If one was dependant, they would just let their partner, friends, or parents make these decisions for them.

They would appear more decisive, yet really be merely dependant.

Just a thought.

11:23 AM
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7:29 AM

Just a thought.

Well spoken Kris,

The majesty of choice can be overwhelming at times. But you see the matter of dependency has nothing to do with your parents, friend or partner but rather the fears we face all on our own. Changing your physical circumstances, even family friends and partner will not make you any more complete. It is when we truly begin to live for others that our heart ends its search and we stop judging our soul… when we realize that this life is too short and too beautiful to live for ourselves. Perhaps this is what causes me to feel that to determine what it is we fear and then resolve to find the courage to confront it is the greatest decision we will ever make. Sadly many people are held captives to their fear and think they either have to try hard to determine their purpose by proving to themselves that they have no need for anything or anyone.

And this is why it’s possible to find the loneliest of people amongst those that are surrounded by friends, family and yes, sometimes even with a partner yet feel no real love.

7:32 AM

Hear, hear

True to a fault, I am precisely one of those girls--though not one of Quinn's, :(--

That is exactly what I do/did, when it came to guys, I was noncommittal and apparently indecisive, but really I was just scared of a whole slew of things, namely:

1. Not knowing how to interpret what I was feeling
2.Afraid that showing too much emotion would alienate said interest
3.Concerned about leading them on when I wasn't sure
4. Trying to visualize the ramifications of said relationship

All that to say that independent girls aren't heartless, if anything we are so afraid of being hurt or hurting someone that it seems easier to avoid closeness, committment, the couple thing. . .

Tell you what though, when the right guys comes along, though it may seem we're making him jump through a good many ridiculous hoops, the truth is we have the potential in us to make wonderful, dependable partners--if only we can get rid of those damning fears. . .

Good luck with those women, Quinn

We ARE addicting. . .:)

5:39 PM


8:00 AM

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