Me, sans hiked pants, check out my �SUGAR DADDY� PJ�s� totally rufus.
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lol...i love your pants. are those actually your pj's?

5:15 PM

do you still dance Miggs?

12:42 AM

Uhmmm... I better not answer that. I think I have passed the torch on to the younger ones... but yes... I can still move till I drop and then some.

2:25 PM

The younger ones?? Dude, you are like what, 23? Yes, you are near death my friend!

9:36 AM


I know, it s a sad excuse.


How about you Charlock? None of this mom stuff now.

2:37 PM

=) It's been so long since I've danced, I'm really quite scared too now!

6:51 AM

I never thought that day would come for you. But I imsgine it will one day arrive for me as well...

Charlock, wasn't there a brazilian dancing man somewhere in your history? Felipe or something? Was that where your joy of dance begun? Heh ;)

I'm kidding!

I know you have always had the dancing spirit in you, it may be dormant now but enough of that, lose the fear... and have fun!

3:32 AM

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