I'm sorry  


When you run out of words and all that your left with are questions; when you seek answers to them but find only sadness, when you have to let go but don't know how you will figure out if you really ever have... when all you need is a hug, somene to tell you that you have a beautiful smile and that you are not dumb... Remember that I feel the same and that I'm still here.

I love you hun.

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That was very touching! I love the way you express yourself.

10:53 PM

There isn't much to say about this, Mig. It's a complete and very honest state to be in.
Sometimes it takes years, but when you let go of something you know it.
Meanwhile, you've got a good smile and ur not dumb. ;)

1:43 AM

Thanks anonymous. It means a lot to me.

4:02 PM

Florecita... You are so the best... involved, yet still the best... un beso!

5:20 AM
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2:12 PM

I just want to say something...excuse me if my english is not very good... It’s been a long time since I’ve practiced it...since Mig was my teacher...my original one that is, my friend and happy teacher, He taught me that it is forbidden to cry without learning from it forbidden to be scared of your memories... forbidden to forget somebody without smiling, to forget their eyes, their laughter,to forget everything shared simply because your ways have parted...thanks Mig. Don’t lose your essence.

10:19 PM

3:07 PM

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