What a week  


So I left last Friday to attend some meetings and after a good drive there, a really good couple a days and mucho pero mucho jumping, dancing and volleyball... it came time to head back. Sunday afternoon finds us heading out of the CTC with a new team member, Mr. Yamaguchi (aka: "musculitos" "Tarzan" and the likes) joining us on our return voyage. The trip turned out to be quite the experience, you should check out his take on it ,in the end though the whole experience was just another day with El team. I have spent the last couple of days hunting for transmison pieces, staying up till 1am assembling bunkbeds for newcomers and house hunting, makes for a very tired Mig. Yesterday morning I headed out for LA BARCA to deliver the parts needed for repairing the transmision and ended up having to spend the night there, the owner of the shop though, a great guy, decided to take me out for some good Birria breakfast this morning and then dropped me off in TANHUATO. That is the place where our vehicle decided to die. I am waiting for them to finish putting eevrything back in so I can hopefully head back to my casita. All to say that this week has been exhausting and when I get back this evening I get to take the "Libres y Locos" CANO tribe for a day so their parents can get their much neded sleep and rest. I hope you are all equally as busy and loving life. Isn´t it wonderful? I love it. Un abrazo a los que no se rajan and un beso a las chavas guapas.

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Great! Just what Kev needs...more self esteem. Ha! tell him we miss him and say hi!

1:25 PM

That indeed does sound very tiring..

1:14 PM

off topic... so are you actually Joaquin now?? do people call you that?

2:51 PM

Will do Paula, do you still have me blocked? :)

4:30 PM

Joaquin , that is the word.... why is that people get so stuck in a rut about things like names??
Do I not look like a Joaquin?
Of course my family has refused to call me that so I said "fine, Mig for friends and family", and now every one is saying they are my friend! Sigh.

5:21 PM
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2:49 PM

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