Once upon a time...  


Tomorrow is Charlock's Birthday.

Now folks, even though we haven't seen each other for years, I can say that there was a time when she was my bestest friend. She seemed to be the only one who never judged and always tried to understand when I would do really stupid stuff.

She would write me faithfully, (all the way from Canada and other far away places, these were pre-email days mind you!) and her letters and cards always seemed to arrive at a point in time when I needed to know that someone cared and felt just as lost and lonely. And then this guy came along... stole her heart... and whisked her away!


Well if it had to be someone, I'm glad it was him. Love ya compadre!

Reminds me of a good story. Once these two special people had met and she had departed , he became heartsick and decided to drown his sorrows. I, being the great guy that I am, could not in my right mind allow him to do this alone. So together we downed a cheap tequila bottle in about 15 minutes (Don't try that at home)then ran through some cactus fields. We were having a great time and things looked fantastic from atop that water tower until someone got us down and ended all the fun. The next day is a different story altogether as I wasn't able to even smell Tequila for a good 6 months but those were good times. The things love can do to you.

Sadly I have most of my things packed and in another city or I would delight you with some pictures of 7 years ago, when we were all young careless and single.

Rest assured, they will be posted, sooner or later.


All that to say...


I love you! You are a wonderful lady and an amazing person.

Have a wonderful day and party your heart out! (Easy on the tequila)

Nunca cambies.

Un abrazo!

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OH MY GOD Miggs! I swear to you, that was the biggest birthday suprise I have gotten since I was nine!! Thank you for thinking of me. and please, for old friendships sake, don't post those old pictures! I'm guessing you have the famous ass grabing shot, and most likely something really embaressing like, oh um, ME DANCING!
I love you too. Friends forever, stay cool, stay rad, and all that ninties snail mail jabber. XXX

2:56 PM

No worries, I shant. Mostly out of fear of retaliation.


That 90's jabber was quite nifty, I can't for the life of me remember what my lingo was back then, so we will stick to yours.

Hope you had a good one.


4:04 PM

Migls, pigls, look, it was dear, it was kind, it was TOO much. Write another post why don't ya?!

11:05 PM


Give me a week or so... have back to back meetings for that amount of time.

2:22 AM

Yikes! Have fun.

5:04 AM

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