... and they lived happily everafter.  


Capitulo 1

And so do folks complete chapters in their lives and move on... sometimes you just with they'd clue you in as to when the story ends.

The thing about happy endings you see is that no one wants to be the bad guy, cause they never get to cash in on it. No, it's the good people that live happily ever after with their pasted smiles in fairyland dreamworld while the unfortunate bad guys are left to an elusive fate or are forgotten and left to oblivion. At least they get all the interesting characters, heh.

So I think I may finally have to step up to the elusive role. Hey, someone has to be the bad guy so the happy people can have their ending.

To all you fairy land characters, may you live happily everafter...

I've always wondered though... are the best stories the ones that end with; "THE END", "TO BE CONTINUED..." or "THE BEGINNING"?

Well, the one I've always liked, and since this is my blog, it will have to be...



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To be continued.

What is important, is just to live.

1:03 PM
Miss B Haven  

Everybody feels like they are the "bad guy" sometimes. But even the "good guys" who seem to have it easy probably don't. You never really know what's under the service unless they're willing to show you. I'm praying for you, Migs. I know that whatever happens you'll make it through okay and come out the better for it. ILY!

4:28 AM

Apples of gold in pictures of silver Miss B.

"...unless they are willing to show you..."

It would be a very different story if "they" indeed decided to.

Thank you for understanding.


11:28 AM
Miss B  

Well...there is nothing hidden that shall not one day be revealed. Scary thought. Sure wouldn't want the world out there knowing more about me than they have to! But it's comforting to know we'll one day know the truth about what the other person was "really thinking."

3:13 PM

Apples of gold, or sour grapes?
You know what I think.
The bad guy has his place, but I don't think you're him. Time will tell.
Until then, "the space between what's wrong and right is where you'll find me hiding..."

5:42 AM

"the space between your heart and mine

is a space we’ll fill with time"

Talk about apples of gold.

Thanks Florecita and you're right,


Sour grapes it was... they say they makes fine wine.

time will tell...

Until then we will be surpressing those estaca thoughts and join in with Matthews..

11:44 PM

yeah, I think we all KNOW who the bad guy is. Nice try.

4:53 AM

No we don't,

Those guys are much too elusive.

We only speak in metaphors and read between the lines here... perhaps something spoke to you.

Good thing to see you around though.


6:06 AM

in a story there is a hero and a villain. and it's very obvious who is who. bad guys are way less elusive than the good guys.

6:15 AM
the bad guy  


i want to be the bad guy!

7:56 AM


Sorry bad guy, you'll have to get in line. Or submit a form.


11:37 PM

mig you will always be the bad guy.... yet i do beleive so will i!
one day we will all realize that we dont even know....
whats is good and what is bad? cause on the outside it doesnt show....
someones intentions could be pure, honest and real.......
and you thought somehow you were helping those wounds to heal....
yet us "good guys" so we think...
have become the "badguys" but do our intentions truely stink?
so when the lifes story comes to an end...
be we good, or be we bad.... with out Us there would be no story!

Madeleine Suttin

7:07 AM

Thanks Madi...

there was always a perceptive side to you, these cancers.

Here's to stories.

5:48 AM

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