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See what I mean?

I don’t even know what kind of face that is… yet it is so full of their personal perception of whatever it is they’re trying to be.

I love children.

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Yes sure you love children.. you just love the thought of making children, and then you smile and pretend you like them.. yes yes I your Mind.. Ha!

5:56 AM


Little April and her pshycic abilities.


You gave me my laugh for the day chiquilla.

8:16 AM

Miggs their faces are too cute!

11:38 PM

I love kids too!!!

when I'm like...hmm....20 I want to have a kid... :D


11:20 AM


trust me it can wait.

8:52 AM

Mel, whoever you are, trust me as well, it CAN WAIT!

2:28 AM

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