It's a good day to be alive!  


Arighty then,

As much as we would like for life to work out in such a way that everyone else's happiness worked its way into our own, that's not how it works. As my good friend Charlock pointed out, the important thing is to live, to continue letting go of the old and embracing the new.

The moment you accept the beauty of change and find the strength within you to let love for others rise above your own concerns and fear, you realize there is nothing to be lost and everything to gain. A mind bender for some and a theory for many.

I however count myself fortunate to look through the eyes of someone other than I who is also on the ledge and afraid to take a plunge. I feel their uncertainty and their longing to appease that desire to just be happy and have no "what if's".

I know that one day I may very likely feel that same uncertainty or that they may someday experience mine, and the important thing is that we recognize that even though we may not take equal steps, that in itself is no reason to grow apart in heart or let a part of us die.

Really, as misunderstood as we may all at some point feel, when we see the needs of others... well perhaps not everyone, but for me, that alone is the only incentive I need to realize that; I am fortunate to be alive, blessed to have the opportunity to give of myself to others, I need to stop being a whiner and lastly, join in with the singing.

La vida es bella.

People in the back now... "Aaaaay yaayaa yaaay... Canta y no llores!! Porque cantando se alegra cielito lindo los corazones!!!..."

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Ooops, nice way to start deleting. - I just changed my mind as to how I wanted to put that though.
All I was trying to say was that I will be praying for you! xxx

9:49 PM

As will ya Mig

12:48 AM

And all the ladies heave a sigh of relief...
Glad to see you'll be ok. ;)

5:24 AM

Florecita.. you are just the greatest!

Loving you!

8:56 AM

Ok, it finally makes sense, I think. See you soon.

12:19 PM

As always your profundity bedazzles me. . .and I'm happy for you.
Hey, check out my blog--there's not much on it but I promise I will be posting

I have vowed to emerge from the computer-illiterate world a wiser, freer person :) wish me luck

Praying for you


5:24 PM

You can be sure I will be reading that blog.

You wiser and surer?

There is no hope for the rest of us, we'll have to sit back and bask in your glow...

Love you!

10:29 PM

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