My heart is with you.  


Praying for a friend...

Sherri, te acompanan mis oraciones y todo mi corazon.

In loving memory of our little girl
Shanah May Bixler
Born still July 11 2005
at 28 weeks gestation
Weighed 850 grams

If beauty is indeed God's handwriting
Then your tiny face was His art
We are so happy you stayed for as long as you did. . .
So sad that you had to leave. . .
And so thankful that you are at peace.
You will never know sickness, sorrow, or fear
I will never have to worry about you.
You, and your brother, will never know anything but a perfect life.
So as a mother, I think. . .
I was blessed to carry you under heart
Blessed to hold you and see your sweet face
Blessed to let you go.

We love you always, Shanah.

Mommy, Daddy, Christian, Savannah and Sarah
Go, be with your brother, little one.

Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

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My sympathy and prayers to Sam and Sherri. I haven't seen them for several years since I married them in Guadalajara, but have fond memories of them. May the Lord grant them grace and strength during this time.

1:09 PM

The poem is beautiful. The trust and the love of the mother is strong and brave.
I don't know who they are, but I am praying for them.

2:48 PM


You are a true friend. Thanks for posting the poem about Shanah, for your prayers, for just standing by us in your quiet, supportive way. . .

Luv you and your strength


5:24 PM

Sherri, if I didn´t call or write earlier, it´s because I didn´t want to be a bother. But just as Joaquín put it, my prayers have also been right there with
you, Sam and the kids. I love you and you can count on me as a friend always.

11:59 PM

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