Brighter than Sunshine!  


Look at that kiss!

Don't let the face deceive you... she liked it!


Was good to see you luv.

And it's good to be me!

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She's hot! What is she doing with you?

11:46 AM

She looks like a wet cat struggling to get away.

12:26 PM
Miss B  

It was great seeing you again too, Migs. LY!

12:41 PM

So is the rumor I've heard about you actually true?

12:44 PM

I think Meeky is BeeUtiful!

12:51 AM

you so suck... hitting on both my sisters! no fair, i havent seen robin since c-mas!!!

2:20 AM

She sure is; they both are, within and without... I'm so undeserving.

Anonymous... I have no idea what you heard.

6:34 AM

oh...well...I mean I don't want to gossip or anything..but I heard something along the lines of you - a girl...something like that. Go ahead and read between the lines. ;)

7:39 AM
Miss B are so sweet. You're beautiful.

7:42 AM

Cool blog and cool message

6:51 PM

Haha anonymous you cheeky bastard.
You only heard ONE rumor along the lines
of mig + girl =??

1:25 AM

Thats right! Mig plus ONE girl?? Never!

2:26 AM

Mig I think something's missing here. . .
hint: your rebuttal. . .

Look at it this way: some of us have no stories to tell (at least ones that folks want to hear :)



9:19 AM

mig + one girl, + another girl+ plus another girl. than they all hang out and realize "oh wait... mig gave you that hicky, no shit, me too... "

remember the day mig? still love ya! hahaha

10:41 AM

Hehe, let's do a poll and see how many girls have gotten hicky's from Migs.

3:51 PM


Funny Miss B, and yes poet, I do remember the day... almost made me blush.

I however have changed... women have become like algebra to me x, y, z.. all of these unknown factors.

Oh for the days of simple addition.

11:56 PM
Miss B  

I just want to say that Migs is someone with a lot of love to give - a very caring person, and it shows. We joke with you, Migs, but truthfully I love you just the way you are! I hope you never harden your heart.

12:15 AM

so this is what you do when you go away on a "business trip"


5:36 AM

hahahaha... i say, as did my sister missB, that we love you migui, we only tease cause we can. haha no i mean cause we care. i will always love you, (in a sick fu**ed up way, but still with love). i need to see you, it's been almost 6 years. damn!! we need to do something about that! :P

12:11 PM

So much love!

It's a good day to be alive.

It would be great to see you, ithas been far too long. I was just looking at 97-98 archive photos the other day. Good times.

I think I posted something about the time you found Dave and I on the water tower...


11:09 PM

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