times gone by...  


How is that for a hippy look? That mural is made entirely of beans and rice... maybe a chile or two.

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your shirt almost blends in with the pic! Cool shot!

1:13 PM

you're gaining weight....btw! Thot you should know ...

1:57 PM

LOL Paula
Somehow that comment didn't suprise me.
I miss you both :D

11:08 PM


Well this photo is about a year old and yes, I was getting on the chunky side.
Sharp paula.

I think I am back to my lean self though.
Will have to post a recent pic...

11:47 PM

AWESOME shirt!

i need to get me one of those

8:02 AM

Migs, your such a good writer, I love that....as I myself am a writer....what you say sounds very......passionate..... anyway i'm keeping you in my prayers...love u lots!

(p.s I don't think you look like you've gained weight, I think u look....GREAT!)

11:00 AM

Aaaaay yaayaa yaaay... Canta y no llores!! Porque cantando se alegra cielito lindo los corazones!!!

yo me gusto este cancion mucho!

11:08 AM

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