Need a nickname...  


Folks, help me out please.

Vote on my poll.

Please take the liberty to suggest a new one as well.


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Well the only Joaquín I knew was nicknamed Joako.
Wacko Juacko.
I think it would work for you.

8:03 AM

Put them in there.

Thanks Luci!

8:23 AM

sorry, I'll never be able to call you Joaquin. You've always been Mig and you always will be. Can I have the liberty? Cuz if you insist maybe I'll just practice saying it... doing "Joaquin" chants might help it roll off my tongue easier.

9:48 AM

now, would that be "Jo" like 'Joe' or 'Ho'? This is mexicany after all.

9:49 AM

JO lik "YO".. with a thick argentine accent!

9:57 AM

Ez... its catchy. Its unique. Its awesome...

11:31 AM

Kinky is the only one that suits the personality... :)

11:46 AM

I like.. Wackoff jacko..

How do you like it??

Its nice right..

I made it up!! haha

12:00 PM

That one won't be making it into the poll April...


You little weirdo.


12:28 PM


1:58 PM

I'm winning I'm winning!

1:33 AM

yeah i vote for wacko jacko! hahaha.. love ya mig. like emma says you have always been mig to me and nothing else. except maybe hun, or babe... haha

2:23 AM

33 votes!

So much love ! Thanks guys...

Will leave it as is forone more day or so, then narrow the options... stay tuned, or more like help me through with this till the end please???

Abrazos para todos!

6:40 AM
Miss B  

Yes, can't we still call you Migs? I don't know if I can ever call you something else, though Kinki is great.

7:41 AM

Whoever you are, Kinki is the one that will get places in life. The rest sound trashy...ha!

2:51 PM

Kinki.. all the way

but I would find it hard to call a guy that. Maybe its just me, but it just sounds wrong! lol...

"he's kinki, no he's not 'kinki' kinki...HE'S kinki, ... as in, my name is kinki!"
"Hi, I'm kinki!"
sounds like your kinki, but if you are kinki..than heh heh.. fits you perfect.

8:07 PM

Kinki is going to get him places in life... certainly will be interesting places!! Please be sure to take pics.

1:28 AM

Now I can say "I'm winning". :)

Except the spelling I originally gave was a bit different. - Quin-ky... Makes me wonder who the current version comes from. Hmmm...

2:11 AM

No way.
Kinki? Get your mind out of the gutter, Laura! Foolish, woolish.
Quino is the only way up.

4:38 PM

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