I have decided to make my blog a guinea pig... it may not be very reader firendly for a couple of weeks...


You'll REALLY have to read beween the lines now!


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Whoa! How do you do that Mids/Joaquin??? Looks cool, the effect mind you.


1:06 PM

ok, you totally need to help me redo mine, YOU CAN EXPERIMENT WITH ME!! can you do that for me with those pix i sent you? i can send more, i want you to put my eyes all over mine, since my blog is "the poets eyez" please. yeah it is hard to read between your lines now... luv ya

2:47 PM

OH MY GOD You took that idea right out of my head!! I was going to do the exact same thing and was already working on it! Heavy..

3:07 PM

Someone’s obsessed with himself...j/k. You look very intelligent in that picture. Very wise. Who's to say your not? Miss you.


3:10 PM

no way! I was so gonna do this... you should see my experiments one, looks identical except its me.

9:56 PM

I am happy with how it's coming along...

Ambie and Laura, I hope that you go ahead and do whatever it is you were going to with your blogs...

I do quite enjoy them ... and you personal touch will make me no doubt make me want to visit them all the more often...

I miss you too Stephy!

When you gonna see me??

12:26 AM

It's like a whole lot of you everywhere. Perhaps a variety of photos? I'll try to send the ones of you that i've got.

3:24 AM

I like the new look...it's very cool
Great personal touch, heh...your face everywhere ;)

9:33 PM

That way there will be no doubt about it...

It's me!

Don't worry, it's only a work in progress and I am so not a techie.. but I am trying!

Emphasis on TRYING...

let's see how it goes and as Poeteyez would say... I'll "have a good time with it."

10:23 AM

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