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‘Alright Jo, we’ve got 10 minutes before bed time… do you want me to read you a story?

“NO! I want a story from the brain!”

‘A story from the brain?! Oh! You want me to TELL you a story… right.’

“About a talking banana!”

‘A talking banana?!’

“Yeah! A bright blue one! And it’s named Sam!”

‘Oooooooook….. So, there was once this banana….’

Stuck in my head, I even dreamt about this Sam banana character last night…

Oh for the days when kids settled for Hans Christian Andersen…

I blame Dr. Seuss.

Where's my copy of green eggs and ham?

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Green eggs and ham rocks!!!

8:57 AM

thats awesome. i love dr. seuss!

12:46 PM

I've been telling her stories about bannanas because Joy taught her to hate bannanas. Im glad to see the healing process begin. I love bannanas.

4:44 AM

Yeah, i knew that kid was weird all along.
and don't you blame Dr. seuss!

10:43 AM

is this Jolene?
man, that Joy...

11:26 AM

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