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(Hortencia): why is it a good day to be alive?

(Joaquin): everyday is

(Joaquin): I am living my dream

(Joaquin): learning what love means

(Joaquin): and striving towards a purpose

(Joaquin): having to let go of my wish list... but I know that the ones that matter

(Joaquin): those will happen

(Hortencia): well good for you

(Hortencia): ur on the up

(Hortencia): and what does love mean, by the by?

(Joaquin): love

(Joaquin): well it is the detachment of yourself

(Joaquin): and embracing something greater than what you could be on your own

(Joaquin): it is living for others

(Joaquin): and not being afraid to hurt

(Joaquin): to change

(Joaquin): to be more then you think you can be

(Joaquin): to let go

(Joaquin): and let love

(Joaquin): the Spirit of God

(Joaquin): move in you

(Joaquin): and take you somewhere you don't know

(Joaquin): know what I mean?

(Hortencia): yes

(Hortencia): I know what you mean

(Hortencia): and I hope it works out for you

(Joaquin ): it’s not exciting for everyone

(Joaquin ): obviously

(Joaquin): but

(Joaquin): it's what's for me

(Joaquin): so, I'm well

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auch...i liked your thoughts on love...for me it hurts most of the times...hehe...there must be something wrong...haha.

4:06 AM

Well that is part of loving, but I think with time we learn to treasure every moment..

Wether it be a beer (say no to coffe), a chat, a stolen kiss or a furtive glance...

I don't think there is anything wrong, everybody hurts sometimes.

6:52 AM

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