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*Sigifreda *: The Eres in my Cafe Tacvba, goddess of communications, kissu ga sugoku jozu na hito and cruel mistress who wont let me describe her as I wish.
Joaquin: that would be me

*Sigifreda *: cuz everyone is so intense about their little place in the world
Joaquin: do you take your coffee with sugar?
Joaquin: two cubes?
Joaquin: can I be the second cube…?
Joaquin: I want to the be the second sugar cube in the coffee of people's lives
Joaquin: I just made up that metaphor!
Joaquin: I am a genius!~
Joaquin: I really like that one…
*Sigifreda *: but some people don’t like sugar
*Sigifreda *: it’s not healthy
Joaquin: but it makes things sweeter…
Joaquin: sometimes too sweet
Joaquin: and if it's what it takes for them to appreciate the one cube…
Joaquin: realize they need no cube at all…
Joaquin: or quit the coffee
Joaquin: then that is what I want to be.
Joaquin: the second cube
Joaquin: sigh
*Sigifreda *: lol
*Sigifreda *: ur hilarious
*Sigifreda *: and what a lonely life
Joaquin: not at all
Joaquin: cause when people are in a rush
Joaquin: in a moment of absent mindedness, inertia, distraction or boredom
Joaquin: they may throw that second cube in there
Joaquin: only to get a reality check in the flavor
Joaquin: the only things is…
Joaquin: that second cube can become addicting
Joaquin: you think there is any danger of that?
*Sigifreda *: `plenty
*Sigifreda *: there are plenty people who are a sweet-tooth
*Sigifreda *: when it's not good for them
Joaquin: good thing I don’t drink coffee
*Sigifreda *: good thing I drink mine without sugar
Joaquin: creamer?... I wouldn’t mind being creamer
Joaquin: heh

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Good stuff Mig.
A chat transcript? You so cheater.
Good idea!!!


9:52 AM

Random thoughts...

...that's where you can find something to read between.

10:19 AM

personally, the way I like my coffee is like this:

2 shots of espresso
2 or 3 shots worth of steamed half and half or soy


2 shots of espresso
steam foamed 1% Milk

8:35 AM

No sugar is definitely the way to go but talk about CONCENTRATED!

How about that Jo??

Some people must have that buzz... "nevermind the sugar, give me a jolt on the double"...

Good one Emma.

9:24 AM

and lucky for me I am not addicted to caffein! Since being out here I may have had coffee twice and I feel prefectly sane in the head everyday. I do miss it though, but it's more of a comfort thing for me.

10:00 AM

I've always had an inordinate amount of respect for good kissers.

9:13 PM

TRAITOR. You know what the consequence is for introducing me like that. Japanese... tssss. *insert angry face*

3:12 AM

hee hee...you used my japanese line Mig

11:09 AM

That I did!

She denies it, but it's true!!!


2:22 AM

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