lived on September 25th  

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Airport… arrival * introduction * impression * reservation * rejection * connection * separation * desperation * reunion…

Came together … stepped out * family* hesitation* resistance * frustration* tears * hurt * struggle* fear * relief * share * laugh * trust * confide * acceptance * letting her in…

Going away… realize * care * distance * sacrifice* communicate * mistake * hurt* change * challenge * difficult * friends * new * bond * smile * honesty * reflection * blur…



Changed… emotion * distortion* attempt * adjust* question * assertion * departure * confusion* a distance is born…

Selfless … good intention * intercession * family * mother * pretence * meet another * love * denial * acceptance * affirmation * excitement * confide * dream * decide…

Everything changes… absence * ascertain * heartbreak * acceptance* letting her go …

Reminiscence… recollection… memories… best of wishes

Have a good time at the parade.

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Well Mig, Here it is my 1 post ha! I like your blog especiallly as I can keep track of you ..:) and your cute brother Angel..Keep it up. Love the words BTW..

3:21 AM
Just me  

Quite confusing...
But I guess it's your own special way of being profound....

Just me

3:35 PM
just another me  

If I must...

In reference to the thoughts, they alternate between two individuals and express my perception on what they’ve lived together and now apart.

12:42 AM

Rather gorgeous Migs!

12:03 PM

confusion is often mistaken as profundity

2:27 PM

only by a confused person!

3:47 AM


Why does Emma always get to be witty first?

I love it when she's like that!


sigues en mi

4:07 AM

And that's the beauty of it all...the experience, no one could, can or will erase it...ever. And this is why it's important to give in and enjoy those very unique special moments, because we will never experience them again...not in the same way at least...cindy

5:26 AM

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