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We're so butt ugly...

Thank God for charm.

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You shush your mouth!

1:27 AM

you are ugly! and who said you're charming? jk.


8:11 AM

ugly...tsk tsk
silly man

8:47 AM

Had to be an Argentine... no we don't run out into the rain when we see lightning.


Estas bien buena Glo. (*gordita)

note creeas.. you know I'm crazy about you.


9:50 AM

si gloria estas recontra rica!!

no comment on the two guys on the pic...umm, keep going for god?

10:36 AM

Like I said before, for being so butt ugly you two look pretty dashing! Saludos to Ez.

11:12 AM

drunkards... I think you both look great! The hat is a bit much for me but hey, adds to the charm, ;)

2:33 PM

I somebody fishing?

2:47 PM


2:47 PM

You Guys are very, extremly, sexy!!!!!!!!
And with charm thats a bonus!
But you already know I think that...MIGGY!

3:55 AM

Fat but Fit. muahaha! Don't you go dissin' fat ppl migs.

10:49 AM

The more of you to love Glo!


You gonna crash that wedding with me or what?

Will you be my date Glo????



10:55 AM

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