The space between  

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Talk about parallel existence…

Today while reading the thots of a beautiful mind I caught a glimpse of the sanctuary where the heart and mind meet. It is in this place that these two giants of our soul are at peace and lay aside their differences… it’s where fantasy, like a ghost into the fog, blends into reality, where there are no boundaries to feeling, nor limitations to our thoughts or fear of the unknown. Within the fraction of a moment we remember...resent... accuse... condemn... forgive... forget and dare to dream once more.

The space between...

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that's all I can say

5:25 PM

Oooh! you are too romantic.
( hate you, hate your blogg! )

( No me tomes en serio Miguelito, not entirely anyway. )

6:20 AM


You know I woldn't want it any other way Glo... keep it coming.

1:21 AM

Sounds like someone is daydreaming again... hee hee. I m kidding Mig, you're a great little writer you know. And that IS a great song.

3:41 AM


5:05 AM

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