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I must have a soft side… came across some thoughts from times past…

“…Life has been very different without you around, and I don’t say that in a dreadful, fatalistic, overly romantic way, well… I can’t help feeling romantic about you, but you can’t blame me for that! Right… I was saying. It has been different, it’s like there are moments that are wonderful, moments that I have learned to appreciate in solitude, moments that I would have never even noticed  had I not been alone. They would have passed me by and I would have been completely unaware of the sublime beauty and intricate perfection that surrounded me… but the more I find myself discovering them, the more I realize that they will never be complete. I realize that as breathtaking, awe inspiring and emotive as they may be, they will never be complete without someone to share them with.

I guess all I can think about when I find myself in one of those moments is of how true happiness is incomplete when you have no one to share it with. Realizing that as wonderful as the moment may be, because you are aware of that completeness lacking made manifest in the absence of that special someone to share it with , the enchantment will simply never be good enough…and you being to experience a longing ,you hear that unspoken yet resonating call to attain that dream.  I know, I’m not making any sense…                
I think I understand me a little better…”

As much as I enjoy being alone…

All of you special people, wherever you may be… I know you’re out there, somewhere out there… and in time, sooner or later, I will find you!

Until then…

Let's breathe it all  in, think less of ourselves and reach out to someone today.  

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Whooooaaa, you're a prosist too! Awesome!! That was soo cool! Post more stuff like that.


9:55 AM

You're a good writer Mig...I'm impressed

1:03 PM

A soft side? You're kidding, right? You are one of the most tender people I’ve met.

5:03 AM

migs is a great writer..... i used to write him the most stupid (yet sincer) simple worded love letters and cards and his reply always lost me. now i finally understand all that he speaks of. he has a very soft side and a listening ear which is what got me in the first place, i still have a hard time putting it in words unless it rhymes and than it somehow makes sense. but yet it's still simple! i love you migui

12:51 PM

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