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There is the little man himself and a couple of weirdos.

The little man had to go in early for his yearly medicals, I am happy to say that he is doing well. We had such a good time, went to the zocalo; found a cool hippy/artesanias market and ( you can get genuine oober cool Guatemalan shirts for 5 dollars!) had a major "alambre" (look it up).

It's always a treat wen I see my fam, missed Esther and Angie thistime but we might catch them at Christina's wedding next month.... (she better let me plan the after party)

Monterrey here I come... consider yourself warned.

I love my family.

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did u say christinas wedding? is that christina morningstar? i am not in the loop!

1:17 PM


Christina Ohler is getting hitched! And I'm invited... I need to find a date.

I better ask if that's allowed...


12:47 AM

If I may, I love your family too.
Man, Miguel is going to dress up like Charro for his wedding. I'm begging him to let me be a best man but he doesn't say yes. WHY??
Suppose I'll settle for catering.

1:21 PM

wow! you're mom is glowing! Everyone looks so great! Big kiss to all of you!

4:52 PM

Hey! I should be the best man!!

ESPECIALLY if I get to wear a charro outfit!

That does it... where's the phone??

1:37 AM

Is that uncle Jim?

5:32 AM

That would be Jim.

And they're in love!

The man is a gift from heaven... I am honoured to have him share his life with us... his expanded family.

Love you Jim!

You're the best!

I hope to see you in a couple of weeks... we'll shoot some pool this time for sure and have some Coronas.

8:05 AM

Your Mom does look great. Aahhh, sweet l'amour, it beautifies the heart and spirit.

11:59 AM

Actually, I think I should go to Morninstar's wedding, esp if there's an after-party and Migs is planning it. I'll be sure to bring many layers of clothing. Let me know if I'm invited. :)

12:01 PM

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